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About Us

Gaming Research, Inc., a boutique marketing research firm founded in the 1980’s by Dr. Jeffrey Lowenhar, dedicates its expertise to the worldwide gaming industry. As an executive, researcher and consultant, Lowenhar through Gaming Research, Inc. has been responsible for completing almost 300 major gaming assignments worldwide over the last 20 years – not only in the United States, but Canada, the Caribbean, and in such diverse locations as the U.K., Ireland, Australia, Greece, Panama and Uruguay. Areas of expert analysis includes demand forecasting (market potential studies), classic market segmentation research, customer satisfaction research, as well as numerous research assignments in the areas of advertising effectiveness, financial impacts of legislation on tax revenues, the likely acceptance of a new gaming product entrant to the marketplace, to marketplace technology changes impacting marketplace demand.*

In sum, during this period of time and up through today, Lowenhar and Gaming Research, Inc. have been responsible for more than $55 million of marketing research assignments worldwide.

*A non-exhaustive sample of titles of recent projects is appended here – client confidentiality is secured.

1. Numerous Customer Satisfaction Studies for Class III Casinos in California, Regional Riverboat Casinos, and Traditional Las Vegas and Atlantic City Casinos

2. Advertising Pre-Test Studies (And Post-Test) for California Class III Casinos and Large Las Vegas Locals Casino Corporation

3. A Comprehensive Gaming and Leisure Profile of Upscale Active Customers of a Major Worldwide Hotel Chain

4. A Number of Inactive Customers Studies for Large Regional Riverboat Casinos in the U.S., Traditional Canadian Casinos, As Well As Class III Indian Casinos

5. Current Economic Conditions and the Impact on Local/Regional Customers’ Casino Visitation in Chicagoland and the Mississippi Gulf Coast

6. A Competitive Analysis of the Lake Charles, LA Marketplace

7. Measuring the Strength of Loyalty of Database Customers for a Large Chicagoland Casino and a Class III Indian Casino

8. Marketplace Perceptions of a Class III Indian Casino Brand: An Exploration of Brand Equity – Results of Focus Groups Conducted With Highly Valued Customers

9. A Study of the Acceptance of Cashless Slot Machines at a Midwest Class III Indian Casino

10. Annual Competitive Research Assessment of the Chicagoland Marketplace

11. Younger Player Behavioral Research Investigation for California Class III Casino Properties

12. An Examination of the “Share of Wallet” Received from High-End Customers of a Major Midwest Riverboat Casino

13. Market Demand and Future Revenues in the Australian Marketplace: Implications for Regulatory Changes

14. An Analysis and Marketplace Forecast For VLTS at Designated Racing Venues in the State of Texas

15. Worldwide Customer Satisfaction Assessment of One of the Largest Slot Machine Manufacturers in the U.S.

16. Enhancing the Female Slot Players Experience at a Midwest Riverboat Operator’s Properties: Testing “Lifestyle Exchange” Features