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Customer Satisfaction Research

On-going customer satisfaction research, (not comment cards, not shoppers), but a multi-part dynamic research strategy to monitor customer satisfaction performance on 60-70 key attributes that determine strength of loyalty, likelihood of switching and ability to move your competitors’ customers to you over time – scope and frequency depends upon type of market(s) – destination vs. regional vs. local. Results compared not only to prior research periods (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, etc…) but to an Industry series of Baseline Standards created by Gaming Research, Inc. based on a proprietary database of over 60,000 respondents who are loyal casino patrons in gaming jurisdictions throughout the United States. This type of program has been successfully used to:

  • Bolster back of the house employee training; to re-allocate capital to critical important areas of customer concern;
  • To reflect more accurately discretionary merit reward programs for both hourly and supervisory-management employees;
  • And perhaps most importantly to actively communicate to the operator’s most important asset (the active database) that all levels of management are paying more than lip service to patron satisfaction.