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Inactive Customer Research

Studies focus on “inactive” database customers, who for a period of time (length defined by the operator) and for a complex variety of reasons are visiting either less often or not at all. The research is concerned with identifying the reasons why this behavior is occurring. Are they visiting competitors more often? Have they been ill? Have they moved? Did something happen at your casino that caused them to leave? If they are visiting competitors, what is different or better at the competing casino vs. your casino? The result is information for each inactive customer, which can then be used to decide what “outside” factors are at work vs. critical “competitive” factors, which can often be addressed. Over the last 20+ years Gaming Research, Inc. has conducted over two dozen research programs in this critical area. The resulting revenue gains for operators on average were 40-50X or higher over the original investment in the research program.

  • To cite one recent example – a Midwest major riverboat operator has seen its active database shrink from approximately 150K records to 116K over a three year period. Why(s)? Research findings pointed to 4 key areas that management could impact – changes in existing programs and new out-of-the-box thinking combined. Initial monitoring … a 13% increase in actives over the first 4 months, and already a return of over 11x the original investment in research.